Nowadays, conventional solutions are designed to stop known malware, but most of the attacks are unknown and they get success. Our technology is more sophisticated than the modern malware itself, that’s the key, thanks to our technology we can stop unknown modern malware.

Unknow modern malware uses evasion t

echniques to avoid detection when these malware samples detect that they are running in a hostile environment, they go to a state of latency and try to hide avoiding to be analyzed.


Drainware simulates a hostile environment, which will prevent the malware from deploying its payload before the malware could damage the organization. After that, we ‘’hunt’’ the paralyzed malware. That’s how we avoid the damages in critical data and in the equipment itself.


This means an improvement in cybersecurity that provides high stability and quality to organizations, helping to avoid Loss of profits, Material damage/bodily harm, Environmental impact, .. among others.



The first step is to deploy Drainware in your organization. Drainware consumes a minimal amount of resources so it will not affect the performance.

Then it will create the hostile environment to neutralize the  malwares.  

The environment created by Drainware prevents the malware execution of Power Shell scripts or instructions injected into PDF, Word, Excel … or different types of files. In this way, we avoid its execution in the terminal and, therefore, we neutralize the malware by minimizing the possible damages. 


Cybersecurity:  Drainware improves cybersecurity in the company, blocking unknown evasive attacks. Prevents attacks that overcome existing defenses, with a radically different approach to strengthen the security points ed.


Expenses:  Drainware avoids the loss of information and unnecesary expenses in the response to incidents. Avoid the reinstallation of equipment due to the action of malware.



Optimization: Drainware has no impact on the employee because it strengthens security without slowing down the equipment.



Machinery replacements: Drainware avoids disasters in the lack of control of machinery or technologies, produced by the action of a malware in sectors of industrial development.


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