Nowadays, conventional solutions are designed to stop known malware, but most of the attacks are unknown and they get success. Our technology is more sophisticated than the modern malware itself, that’s the key, thanks to our technology we can stop unknown modern malware.

Unknow modern malware uses evasion t

echniques to avoid detection when these malware samples detect that they are running in a hostile environment, they go to a state of latency and try to hide avoiding to be analyzed.


Drainware simulates a hostile environment, which will prevent the malware from deploying its payload before the malware could damage the organization. After that, we ‘’hunt’’ the paralyzed malware. That’s how we avoid the damages in critical data and in the equipment itself.


This means an improvement in cybersecurity that provides high stability and quality to organizations, helping to avoid Loss of profits, Material damage/bodily harm, Environmental impact, .. among others.