A powerful AI-driven Endpoint security solution to prevent attacks before they cause damage.

Being advance malware infection inevitable, companies needs to adapt new cybersecurity solutions. Drainware is a full stack Endpoint solution than can help you to detect, response and remediate against threats.

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Automated protection to respond effectively to advanced threats

Prevention, detection, and remediation are all critical to protecting your organization. Drainware integrates all protection you need in a single platform that simplifies your security stack and gives you better protection.

An intelligent cybersecurity solution

Automates hunt & response

Predicts attacks

Automate investigations

Learn from prior attacks


Drainware endpoint platform benefits

We help you to protect against the most advanced threats introducing deception technology and deep learning.


Unlimited scope

Drainware is a full-stack protection that stops attackers across the entire MITRE ATT&CK™ Matrix. Our prevention approach helps to rapidly identify any kind of threat reducing the dwell time from months to days.

Unlimited scale

We supports enterprise-scale deployments, to continually fortify your business cybersecurity and protect efficiently your critical data against exfiltrations.

Eliminates alert fatigue

Drainware is able to separate Signal from Noise, limiting alerts to critical issues. Results are more accurate an come faster, reducing staff requirements and freeing them up to tackle other tasks.

Automated hunt & remediation

When an incident occurs, Drainware resolve the incident and restore operations streamline,  ensuring the event is contained and remediated,  In this way security is also improved to prevent similar future attacks.

Ease to use

Drainware has developed an intuitive platform that shorten team learning curve. Our solution silently stops malware attacks with minimal user impact, and without requiring specific security expertise.

Cost savings

Automating every process allow companies to save time and money, by  simplifying the management and reducing operations costs and staff. Besides a cloud and single-agent solution means speedy response times.

Drainware combines Deep Learning with Deception technology

Organizations can improve their ability to detect and prevent malware making life much more difficult and costly for cybercrime

Defeat evasive malware

Deception can play an important role in detecting intruders’ lateral movements and understanding techniques, tactics and procedures, so we can get closer to the motivation for an attack.

Traps & Decoys

Deception technology automates the creation of traps and lures among and within existing IT resources to provide a layer of protection to stop attackers that have penetrated the network.


Predictive security

Use AI trough deep learning and behavioral analytics for real-time detection and containment of known and unknown threats.

To address the problem of unknown attacks, Drainware cybersecurity solution is able to predict new attack trends hidden among the tens of billions of security events happening every day. By analyzing the event flows of all endpoints, it can make predictions and provide protection against current, future and unknown attacks (zero day).

We bring multiple systems into one, decreasing the time required to identify and respond to a security incident, and stopping fileless malware, in-memory attacks and other advanced techniques.


The first step is the discovery of the event through Indicators of Attacks alerting about a suspected incident.


After been detected a threat Drainware identify, isolate and mitigate the attack for containing its malicious load.


Drainware has the ability to expose and eliminatethe attack that have infiltrated in the endpoints.


Automated remediation is possible due to the accurate analysis of big data that Drainware makes.

''This project is funded by the European Union through Feder funds with the aim of achieving the technology exposed on this website. Thanks to its help, development has been possible.''

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